Fit4-Physio guide to keep you motivated this winter

 Fresh snow over the Mayfield Valley

Fresh snow over the Mayfield Valley

The Fit4 team share with you some ways to keep you motivated through the Winter

For some the winter may be your favourite season for getting out on your bike or running. The crisp and clear fresh mornings and enjoying normally busy routes to yourself. For others it signals the start of hibernation, the shorter days may mean your enthusiasm and motivation for getting out is less then in summer or spring.

We’ve put together some ways to keep you motivated throughout the festive season and beyond. We’ll have you swapping those duvet days for your trainers in no time. Trust us, the first steps may be hard, but the rewards will be worth it and you’ll thank us in the long run.



Now’s the time to sign yourself up for a challenge. Knowing you have a race waiting for you is sure to keep you on track. What’s on your bucket list for next year? Here’s what’s on ours.


Once you’ve got your big event booked – work backwards from the big day and schedule some smaller races. Why not get started next weekend with this 4.5 mile off road course


Rather then wait for the main event to celebrate, why not set break down your challenge into smaller manageable goals. Perhaps you’ve signed up for a spring marathon or sportive. Pinpoint stages throughout your training and celebrate when you reach them with a little reward or treat.


Surely the best bit of exercise any time of the year is planning what you’re going to eat afterwards? But it’s even better in the winter – decide how you’re going to reward yourself and warm up. Hot chocolate and cake, cooking a Sunday roast or your favourite breakfast? You’ve earned it!

 Stunning views over the Port Valley

Stunning views over the Port Valley


Now neither of us need an excuse to buy new kit and the winter is no exception. Make the clothes you’re wearing the reason you want to get out and show them off on the trails. Oh and as well as looking good, you’ll need to make sure you stay nice and warm too. Don’t forget your high vis if you’re out after dark.


Even with the best will in the world, even the most motivated person will struggle for motivation at times. Swap one of your outdoor sessions for a gym or swim session, or work on your control with a pilates or yoga class.


If you’re struggling to stay motivated on your own, especially in the dark mornings then arrange to meet a friend and then you’ll have no excuses. Throw in some good conversation and the time will fly by before you know it.


Using an app is great motivation to see the miles clock up. We love Strava to see your progress and monitor your improvement.


Have fun! Wrap up and enjoy.

If it’s an injury that’s holding you back then why not give Rich or Charlie a call today on 07938 680320 and let the team at Fit4-Physio get you back on track.

Rich and Charlie

 Charlie above Redmires Reservoir

Charlie above Redmires Reservoir