I have been exceptionally impressed with Fit4Physio and the service provided.The diagnosis of my sports injury was very thorough and the treatment and advice I was given allowed me to get back to cycling and running very much quicker than I had feared. I am equally impressed with how responsive the Fit4 team has been, always willing and able to fit appointments around my busy work schedule.

Chris Melia

I was highly recommended to see Richard Follet at Fit4Physio for treatment following my ACL reconstruction complications. At the initial consultation I explained my goal was to qualify for the Winter Olympics, at the time this was looking virtually impossible but Richard reassured me and committed himself to helping and guiding me through the rehabilitation process.

I had treatment twice a week and Richard designed a daily rehab schedule for the next 6 months which I committed to 100%. The rehab was very challenging, but when I finally got back on my skis, I was physically and mentally in the best condition of my career. I still had yet to qualify for the Olympics with only 2 months to go, so I moved to Colorado for the final phase of rehab. Richard still continued the support via Skype assisting me to gradually return to competition, and in January I achieved my goal and qualified for the Winter Olympics at the last World Cup before Sochi.

I am very grateful to have had support from Fit4Physio and without Richards help I don’t think I would have had the opportunity compete in the Winter Olympics. The IOC (International Olympic committee) filmed a documentary on my recovery called ‘James Machon’s Road to Sochi’ including an interview with Richard Follet which was broadcast on US & international television during the Olympics, it is also on Youtube. I would highly recommend Richard for treatment of any type of sports injury.

James Machon / Ski Half Pipe, Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, Team GB

I am a 24 year old, intermediate level triathlete who has been competing for 3 years.

In November 2012, I to developed severe hip pain when running. After 2 weeks of rest, the pain was still blighting me after only 10 minutes of light running and my hip had started to become uncomfortable whilst driving.

After another failed running attempt, which resulted in me becoming mildly hypothermic after a forced 30 min walk home in the pouring rain due to the pain, I booked in to Richard at Fit4-Physio.

At the initial consultation, Richard rapidly identified a likely cause of the problem, gave me a massage, set me series of exercises to develop my gluteal and hip flexors muscles and recommended me a programme of light, but increasing training loads.

As soon as I got back in my car to drive home post massage, the discomfort had gone. I followed the exercises that Richard prescribed and within a week had completed a half hour run. After a second consultation a week later, I did another half hour run and from then on, each week, added 15 mins to my weekly running time, with no recurrence of the hip pain.

As of January 2013, I was back up to running 2 hours per week, a stronger, more flexible and more confident athlete. Thanks to Richard I am looking forward to an exciting triathlon season ahead.

Richard is a friendly, professional physiotherapist, who at every consultation, explained clearly and simply what he thought was wrong me and made me feel included in the treatment of the problem. I actually enjoyed my sessions with Richard, so much so that at times, I felt that I was having a chat with a mate in the pub, rather than lying face down the massage table, having my IT band pummelled. Next time I am injured, Fit4Physio will be my first point of call.

Peter Oldham / Triathlete