Counting the Christmas calories

Fit4 Physio Sheffield

Want the Christmas treats but not the seasonal podge that goes with it? Just factor in some simple winter wonderland workouts!

Healthy eating has never been fancier. However we all know that in reality, it’s all about getting a healthy balance and there are certain occasions when treats should definitely be on the menu. So if you find yourself of over indulging this party season then here’s some ideas of how to work off those extra calories. (Don’t forget the exact amount of calories used will depend on your weight, body composition and of course how hard you’re working!)

One mince pie

Approx calories: 200

Burn it off: Go for a walk for an hour

It might not always seem like exercise but getting out in the fresh air will do wonders for health and fitness. Grab the dog, the kids and head out of the house to walk off those festive treats. Walk up a Sheffield hill or two and you’ll burn off that mince pie even quicker!

Glass of Bubbly

Approx calories: 100

Burn it off: 10 minutes of High Intensity Training

No need for the gym or special equipment. Achieve quick results fast by doing body weight exercises such as skipping, mountain climbers, burpees or running on the spot.

Six celebration chocolates

Approx calories: 250 calories

Burn it off: Half an hour of dancing

Whether its dancing at the Christmas party or getting carried away watching the Strictly final a good old boogie will burn off more calories than you think. Even better you’ll have fun doing it and might find a new exercise for 2017!

Christmas day dinner (with all the trimmings)

Approx calories: 1500 calories

Burn it off: Two hour run

Let’s face it it’s going to take more than a walk round Endcliffe Park to burn off Christmas Dinner, however it is possible to burn 1500 calories in a single workout. As long as you’re already a regular runner and used to running for this amount of time when escape for a two hour run on Boxing day.

Christmas pudding with custard or brandy butter

Approx calories: 900 cals

Burn it off: One hour fast swim

The perfect all round exercise especially if you struggle with running or other impact exercise. If you can’t manage the hour in one go, why not break it down into regular manageable chunks to get the benefits of this all full body work out.

You can be sure that here at Fit 4 we’ll be enjoying a treat or two this Christmas!