Rehab: It’s not always black and white

Fit4 Physio Sheffield

No-one likes being injured. But if you’re anything like us, it inevitable that sometimes we’ll over-reach (or in Rich’s case….fall off his bike!) and end up injured.

We know a thing or two about rehab. Professionally, we’ve a vast amount of experience from rehabbing in the elite sport arena to the social sporting scene and everything in between. And personally we’ve been through it all too!

And if anyone tells you rehab is easy, well it really isn’t always black and white……

Most people and athletes have a perception that their recovery from injury will be plain sailing. A belief and expectation that there will be a linear progression throughout the rehab process. However, most scenarios are far from linear and we often have to be flexible in our approach to injury management to take into account the ups and downs on the way.

The only certainty when it comes to rehabilitation from injury is that the road will be rocky! A setback because you got a cold during the third week of rehab when you should have been returning to action. Or a holdup because when you started back again after several weeks, you were too enthusiastic with the running and got a minor muscle strain. Sometimes however, periods of rehab do go better than anticipated when goals and timescales can even be brought forwards.

Whatever your injury, we try to treat each and every person with the uniqueness they deserve. We’re here to help guide you through the minefield that returning from injury can be.

If you’re injured and need help navigating your way back to fitness, pick up the phone (07938680320) for a chat to see how we might be able to help! Or if you’d rather email, you can reach us at