What is a sports massage?

sports massage in sheffield

Sports massage is usually a deeper type of massage than standard massage, but Richard and Charlotte will alter the massage depending on your needs. Sports massage helps develop the soft tissue by increasing blood circulation to your muscles.

The stimulation caused by the massage speeds up the healing process of damages or stressed muscles, tissues and joints, increasing the suppleness and flexibility in these areas.

Who is it for?

Unlike the name suggests, sports massage is not just for Sports people. It is suitable for everyone experiencing some form of muscle pain.

It is obviously very effective in the treatment of sports injuries, however it can improve posture, flexibility and sports performance and relieve any muscle tensions.

Does it hurt?

Unlike therapeutic massage you may feel a little bit sore after your sports massage, but you should feel invigorated and refreshed and raring to go again. At no point in the massage should it hurt. You may feel a bit of discomfort but our physios will check with you throughout the treatment if the pressure is okay or if it needs to be more, or less.

Think you could benefit?

Feel like your legs could be lighter or think you have a kink or two that could be taken out? Why not book in for a sports massage today and feel the benefits.

Call Richard or Charlotte for a chat on 07938 680320 or email them at info@fit4-physio.co.uk