What happens in a Bike Fit session?

Fit4-Velo Bike Fitting Studio

A Retul bike fit can help everyone avoid injury, improve performance and have a more comfortable ride. It’s not just reserved for the elite rider either. As most people have never had a Retul bike fit before, we thought we would tell you what happens when you attend for your personalised fit…

  1. Richard (your fitter) will conduct an initial physical assessment and it is at this point he can address any concerns you have around performance and/or pain.
  2. LED markers are then placed on your wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel and toe.
  3. As you pedal, the Retül optical lens sensor gathers real time, 3D data of your movements from the LED markers.
  4. Retüls rotating platform allows Richard to collect data from both sides, without you having to leave your bike.
  5. The data is calculated by the Retul software, which generates joint angles and measurements. Richard will analyse this data and along with your physical assessment and goals in mind, make the necessary adjustments to your bike. We even have an adjustable stem to make quick and easy changes to your riding position.
  6. We wont try and sell you a saddle or stem unnecessarily but we have a range of these items in stock should we think you’d benefit from a change
  7. Once you and Richard are happy with your final position, we use a Retul Zin tool which takes a 2D reading of various points on your bike to calculate all the measurements you will need to be able to reproduce your bikes new geometry should you need to in the future.
  8. A detailed report is then generated and emailed to you.
  9. All the data is stored on a Fit4-Physio hard drive so we can access historical data about your previous fits if we need to.

If you would like to know more about bike fitting and the Retül system, call Richard on 07938 680320