5 reasons to have your bike fitted

Fit4-Velo Bike Fitting Studio

You might be an up and coming triathlete or serious road or triathlon racer, or you might just use your bike to get you from A to B. Whoever you are, if you are riding a bike you can benefit from having it fitted.

Reduce the risk of injury

Cycling is a very repetitive motion. Injuries are usually caused from these repetitive movements with the body in a poor position. . A Retul bike fit precisely analyses your posture and movements in real time and Richard, who is a Physio too, can advise you on the changes you need to make to avoid those pesky niggles.

Increased comfort

Okay so cycling isn’t really the most comfortable thing to do, but that isn’t why we do it is it? However it is possible to be comfortable on a bike and this is usually one of the first things that can be addressed in your initial bike fit appointment.

More economical cycling

We all want to exert less energy where we can, whilst maintaining a certain level of performance. Having your bike fitted allows the fitter to make the changes needed to your bike to make you a more efficient cyclist, making sure the power you put down is transferred to the road


One of the biggest factors in slowing a rider down on a bike is wind resistance. Cyclists and triathletes often spend thousands of pounds to get the latest piece of aerodynamic equipment but forget that the rider makes up 90% of the frontal area. We combine cutting edge Retul software with knowledge of aerodynamics to optimise your road bike, time trial and triathlon position.

Improve performance

Being comfortable, injury free, aerodynamic and more efficient will undoubtedly improved your performance. The gains you can make from a well-conducted bike fit could shave minutes of your PB!

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